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Batch JPEG Rotator

Batch JPEG Rotator uses a lossless algorithm to rotate your photos based on the EXIF Orientation
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22 June 2015

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Rotate individual image or batch rotate images with this ultimate tool, Batch JPEG Rotator.
As the name suggests this simple yet powerful tool with its capabilities will allow you to rotate individual image or batch rotate images with ease. The tool will accomplish its task without making any loss to the quality of the images. JPEG images taken in an altered position tend to lose quality when rotated. But with the advanced lossless algorithm technology of this tool you can get true lossless JPEG Transformation. The tool will allow you to rotate the JPEG images as many times without altering the image quality. The five different rotation functions that can be applied by this program are; 90 degrees Clockwise, 90 degrees Counterclockwise, 180 degrees, Flip images vertically and Flip images horizontally.
This indispensable tool for all digital photographers is also added with the feature to rotate all the images in the directory with just a single click of your mouse.

Publisher's description

Batch JPEG Rotator (32 Bit and 64 Bit) supports rotation of all or selective JPEG which requires rotation based on the EXIF Orientation tag added by your digital camera. It supports 90 degrees Clockwise, 90 degrees CounterClockwise, 180 degrees Clockwise, Flip Images Horizontally and Flip Images Vertically orientation. You can switch between Lossless or Lossy Rotation. With the Lossless Rotation, you can assured that you will not lose any image quality and the Lossy Rotation allows you to shrink down the file size of the photos during rotation.
If you have a camera which can detect orientation as most modern cameras do, Batch JPEG Rotator 2 can take advantage of that tagging so as to only rotate photos which needs to be rotated. It does not matter if you rotate your camera left or right to take that picture.
This application comes with touch friendly buttons so you can use it on your new Windows 8 Tablet.
It fully supports both the 32 Bit and 64 Bit Windows Natively. The 64 Bit version takes advantage of the larger memory addresses and is capable of handling large photos and does it a lot quicker.
Batch JPEG Rotator
Batch JPEG Rotator
Version 2.10
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